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RIP Vinyl™ Version 4.05

The easy way to transfer your vinyl records to CD, MP3, iPod or other MP3 player!
Compatible with Windows 8, 10 and USB Turntables!
Record what you hear on Windows 7, 8, and 10!


Here's what our users have to say about RIP Vinyl

The new RipVinyl is really good, and what a great price. I recommend it to anyone struggling to get their vinyl recording working.
- Chris Brown, UK

Not only does the Ripvinyl program work well, it is a snap to use and the price is a bargain.
I recently wished to upgrade and had lost my serial number your tech support forwared it me almost instantly.
Thanks for a great product and support.
- Lance, Dallas, TX

I was dubious about some of the testimonials on your website from users of RIP Vinyl. It seemed to me highly unlikely that such a cheap and simple bit of software could produce quality transfers to CD. I was completely mistaken. It does everything I want and more without fuss and without asking for a crash course in advanced audio technology. I am delighted with it.
- LH, United Kingdom

Let me commend you on a fine, easily-usable program that shows a lot of imagination and sense of what's needed. Still the Star Software in my music collection.
"Great Program!" $200+ worth of audio software, and this little program took the show! Well thought out, easy to use, and super quality. I can't recommend this enough, especially for those who are newbies at PC audio! - TP, Arkansas

I purchased your product and have been using it for about two weeks now. It is great, and rare, to find something which does exactly what it is supposed to and at such a great price. Your software makes copying my records a breeze. A fine piece of work. Thank you very much.
- CL, Canada

Kudos to you and your staff for producing a wonderful piece of software. It performs flawlessly, and I couldn't be happier.
- RB, California

Thank you for the update, I use this program constantly, it is so simple. I love it.
- GF, Australia

The software is simple and extremely easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone.
- CP, Colorado

I just registered it and it is EXACTLY what I wanted, faultless!!
- AA, United Kingdom

Have hunted the net high and low for a piece of software to do just what yours does. Absolutely wonderful. I have been a dj many years and needed a way to transfer my singles collection that is actually all recorded to DAT tape in the easiest way. Just wanted a WAV recorder that could split tracks. Still grinning
- PG, Australia

I have just recorded some LPs and I have to tell you that your program is wonderful and so easy to use. Thank you very much.
- GG, Spain

It is a great program! I look forward to using it a lot ..thanks!!! Thanks a million for your continued support of your product.
- JV, Alabama

I have to say in all honesty that your program is the best I've ever downloaded or bought, irrespective of cost.
No more do I have to cue and review each track, trying to guess when the sounds will start and pressing "Record" a second or two beforehand.
I used to be a compositor and thought I had a good command of the English language, but I can't think of any word that could do your program justice. "Brilliant" comes nowhere near.
You have saved me hours and hours and helped me produce a good transfer of my vinyls, and made the whole operation pleasurable instead of the drudge I thought it was going to be.
- DC, United Kingdom

Great piece of software at a great price - does exactly what I want!
- CS, California

Thank you for reading our minds. We desperately needed this software.
- DM, North Carolina

Very sweet little program. Answers a problem I had.
- GG, United Kingdom

Nice Product - just what I needed.
- LL, New Jersey

Great Product
- MW, California

This is the very best program I have found. I have tried several but well pleased with this one.
- DR, Texas

Excellent software!
- BJ, Ontario

Great Product.
- JB, Hawaii

I really like your little program. It does everything I want without all that extraneous junk that the "big guys" include and that I'll never use.
- RC New York

My thanks for your assistance and for creating such a fine product.
- LM, Connecticut

The program works great and I have enjoyed using it.
- CD, Texas

We've also had the following comments on the CNet website about version 3.38 and prior versions at the CNet download site.

"Wow! The best 7 bucks I've ever spent!"
Not only will it record and rip vinyl, you can record and rip any sound going through the sound card, including streaming audio. Just select the stereo mixer. Very easy to use and free updates, about every two or three months.  It's the most used program on my computer other than the OS and Photoshop. At only $7 it is a steal! Works perfectly every time.

"Uncomplicated, easy to use, top notch output"
Converts my LP to a set of WAV files in an uncomplicated fashion. There isn't any spyware or adware at all. Priced right at $7. I bought it after only one test LP.

"No probs."
I had no problem whatever with this little program. I was happy to cough up the 7 bucks. The vendors failed to mention that this program, in addition to copying vinyl records,is also useful for copying tapes and even records from a live mike.

"Just Buy This!"
After reading through all the other wav recorders, I thought this one had the best feedback and was worth the price. It has exceeded my expectations. Easy to use, does exactly what it claims. Have now recorded a few albums and a few cassettes to CD. Very impressed. Why fool around - buy it and use it. I have never left a user opinion before but felt this product warranted it.

"Finally, an entire day trying to do what this does instantly"
I have spent the entire day tryng to re-master a stack of my fathers LPs to CD. I have tried various professional pieces of software and some shareware, all of them were hardwork and failed. This was so good that having only checked the demo on three tracks I purchased it!

"Ripped over 400 LP's and still ripping" I've never given an online opinion before. But this product is brilliant. Sure it takes a little time to master the settings, but once mastered..... fantastic. Pay the $7 and get the support,RipVinyl together with Dart CD Recorder has made ripping a doddle.

"well-designed, does the job"
I'm pleased with RIP Vinyl so far. Am using it to make MP3s / CDs from minidisc recordings made previously. So, the reproduction sequence was: originally, MP3 downloaded to PC, recorded onto minidisk via headphone jack; now, transferred by minidisk line out into my soundcard's line in, recorded with RIP Vinyl, and burned to CD. After all that, amazingly, the sound quality is still pretty good, not tinny, no appreciably line hiss, etc. Sounds fine over my midrange Sony CD player & receiver, and Infinity speakers. Score!

"Most Excellent!!!!!"
This program is everything it says it is and more. The price is one of the greatest bargains I ever purchased. The online ordering was very easy and the download link was in my e-mailbox almost instantly. No problems with installing or use of program. You won't go wrong with this one.

Excellent software, well worth the money and there is no spyware on it. And it runs well unattended if you do a full album or cassette.

"Very easy, no bugs, no features"
This program is easy to use (foolproof, as far as I can tell) and does exactly what it says.

"Easy to set up & use-Good results"
Once set up with record deck and aligned, it's full steam ahead and results are Excellent. Best I've tried!

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