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RIP Vinyl™ Version 4.05

The easy way to transfer your vinyl records to CD, MP3, iPod or other MP3 player!
Compatible with Windows 8, 10 and USB Turntables!
Record what you hear on Windows 7, 8, and 10!


Automatically Splitting Tracks with RIP Vinyl

RIP Vinyl seems to be stuck on cueing.
What's wrong?

This is almost always caused by one of two things:   Either you have not selected Line-in as your default recording device, or you haven't got a strong enough signal from your audio equipment.

To select Line-in, go to Control Panel, Multimedia settings and choose recording controls. Then select your sound card as the default recording device, and choose Line-in. This may not be possible with some sound cards, in which case, you can usually select the input with a custom mixer program provided with the card.

From version 3.06 you can also select a different sound card from directly from the RIP Vinyl interface.

If your levels are still low after that, make sure that you are connected through an amplifier. I find that the best way on my setup is to pretend that the PC is another tape deck, and use the cassette output and connect that to my line-in port. Then show the recording controls, and adjust the level of line in. Make a short recording in a loud portion, and listen to it to hear if circuitry has saturated or become distorted, and if it has, back off on the level a bit.

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How do I manually mark the end of a track?

If you press the stop button, the software will write the all the data collected to the end of the current wav file. If you then immediately press start, the software will wait for the next track to begin, using the silence levels you have specified. If you hold down the shift key while performing this operation, the software will break the track, and immediately begin recording the next file with no gaps.

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