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RIP Vinyl™ Version 4.05

The easy way to transfer your vinyl records to CD, MP3, iPod or other MP3 player!
Compatible with Windows 8, 10 and USB Turntables!
Record what you hear on Windows 7, 8, and 10!


Supported Recording Formats

We receive many questions about what formats RIP Vinyl supports, and about the format of the files generated. Hopefully this page will answer your questions.

What Frequency does RIP Vinyl record at?

Rip Vinyl always records in 16 bit stereo at 44,100 Hz, however, by using the options menu you can have the files converted to a different frequency or format.

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Why can't I change the frequency?

44,100 Hz 16 bit stereo is the format that audio CD's are recorded at. Because the program is primarily aimed at copying sounds onto audio CD, it was not desirable to allow other frequencies to be supported for acquisition.

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How can I record to MP3 format?

If you have an codec installed on your system that allows you to record in MP3 format you can simply select the desired MP3 format on the options tab. Windows 95 and 98 came with a codec that can encode up to 22,050 Hz, which you can use. Microsoft stopped shipping the encoding codec with later versions of Windows.

Microsoft now ship a compatible MP3 codec with Windows Media Player 10

Beginning with Media Player 10, Microsoft began shipping the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec (Professional) codec. When you install RIP Vinyl, after Media Player 10, or if l3codecp.acm is found in your c:\windows\system32 folder, the codec will automatically be enabled and there is nothing more to buy.

Get Media Player 10 from the offical Microsoft Website today.

Additonal MP3 codecs

We have tested with the Codec provided by Cyberlink, which retails for $9.95 at the time of publishing this. You can find out more or buy a copy from CyberLink by clicking the link for MP3 PowerEncoder.

If you install a third party codec, bear in mind that it must be an ACM codec. These can sometimes be installed by right clicking a .inf file that comes in the distribution. Simply copying a DLL file to the RIP Vinyl directory does not work. If you do install a new MP3 codec we recommend that you move it to the top of the priority list in the audio codecs section of the sound/multimedia portion of the control panel for best results.

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What other formats can I use?

RIP Vinyl uses the Microsoft Audio Compression Manager (MSACM) to encode files. A selection of encodings are available with the operating systems. As the ACM interface is public, other drivers for new formats will become available. As a result, RIP Vinyl is ready for any new formats that conform to this interface. RIP Vinyl limits the maximum frequency to 44,100 Hz, as that is the frequency at which data is recorded, and there is no point in synthesizing samples.

A new open-source format named Ogg may soon be available. You may be interested in checking out which will have links to this driver in future, but doesn't at the moment.

Also, we have tested with the LAME v3.95 Win ACM codec which you can find out more about by searching on Google or clicking the link above.

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Why can't I record to Windows Media format?

Currently, Microsoft does not allow encoding through the ACM mechanism. We are investigating other methods of dealing with this format.

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